Intra Hoof-fit Spray ready-to-use

The unique structure of Intra Hoof-fit Spray keeps the active ingredients homogeneous in the solution and guarantees optimum adhesion, even on a wet hoof.

Suitable for all spray systems

Besides individual spraying using a Matabi low pressure sprayer or an automatic sprayer, treatment of entire herds using sprayers in milking robots and spray mats is becoming increasingly popular. Intra Hoof-fit Spray was developed for use in all these applications and works all year round.

About Intra Hoof-fit Spray

  • Ready-to-use
  • Early detection of lameness
  • 100% clean solution
  • Environment-friendly
  • Safe to use.

    Product no. DHC101261
    VAT 21%
    Active ingredientscopper and zinc minerals, extract of aloe, isoprop
    Administrationusing the Matabi pressure sprayer