Intra Hoof-fit Liquid

Hoof-fit Liquid is suitable for both individual treatment and for herd treatment in the case of hoof problems.

Healthy hooves, healthy animals!

Extremely effective action with strong adhesion to the hoof. Easy to apply using a low pressure sprayer. Hoof-Fit Liquid contributes to optimally healthy hooves in cattle and sheep.

Instructions for use and dosage
  • When used preventively, a 20% dosage will suffice
  • In case of severe infection, a 50% dosage is recommended
  • Dissolve the Hoof-fit liquid in cold water and treat the front and back of the hoof, as well as between the claws.

    Product no. DHC101251
    VAT 21%
    Dosagepreventively: in a 20% solution; in case of severe
    Active ingredientsstabilised minerals (copper and zinc), aloe vera,
    Administrationto be sprayed on the hoof