Intra Hoof-fit Bath

Hoof-fit Bath prevents troublesome infections and is very much in keeping with the hygiene programmes at modern-day dairy farms.

Free from formalin!

Hoof-fit Bath is a specially developed formalin-free foot bath cleanser for dairy farms. It adheres well to the hoof. It has been proven to be effective.

About Hoof-fit Bath

  • Environment-friendly foot bath cleanser
  • Extremely effective
  • Strong adhesion to the hoof
  • Skincare ingredient aloe vera
  • User friendly
  • Practical application

Hoof-fit Bath in a foot bath

One of the many applications

Product no. DHC101254
VAT 21%
Dosagepreventively: 1x weekly in a 5% solution; treat fo
Active ingredientsdodecyl dipropylene triamin, zinc chelate, aloe ve
Administrationusing a foot bath