Dutch Hoof Care Company

For many cattle farmers, hoof diseases are in the top three main causes of premature disposal of dairy cattle. What's more, cows that are not properly trimmed run the risk of becoming lame wich negatively impacts the milk production. Besides good food and housing, proper hoof care is therefore essential for your animals' well-being.

Dutch Hoof Care helps you to care for and trim the hooves of your cows with our top-grade products.

Innovative electric hoof-trimming crush


Based on its many years of practical experience, Dutch Hoof Care has developed an innovative hoof-trimming crush. The crush is electrically powered and is available as both a fixed or mobile unit. At Dutch Hoof Care you will always find the right crush for your business.

Benefits of the DHC electric crush:

  • self-locking head gate, opens to front and rear through control lever on the side
  • more ergonomic as the cow stands higher
  • rear rump bar for securing rear leg ( which can be complemented with the fixation clamp)
  • 3 sockets, lamp and holder for grinder and Hoof-fit gel on service-arm
  • 5 electrical motors
  • Emergency stops on both sides
  • CE-certified
  • optional wheel set, reinforcement set belly band, rubber mat on floor, fixation clamp


Top-grade products

Dutch Hoof Care is also supplier of high quality hoof treatment products and hoof trimming materials:

  • DHC BlocBond glue, mixer tips and dispensing gun
  • DHC Technocol 6000
  • DHC hoofblocks
  • DHC Aesculap hoofknives
  • Clawdiscs
  • Pincers
  • Various types of aprons
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Intracare products
  • Technovit products
  • Demotec products

By using these top quality products the farmer is secured of a good basis for optimal hoof care.